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DontHugCacti FC 2010 Photoshoot!

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We will be hosting a DonthugCacti photo shoot this year at FC 2010!
This is our first one on the west coast, we are very excited to see how much we've
grown on this half of the States!

WHEN : Friday, January 22 , @ 6:00 PM

WHERE: Meet in the main entrance lobby and we will gather together.

So be there right at 6 o'clock and we will head to our photo shoot area we
pick out when we get there :)

If you could forward this along to all the other attending DHC suits you see,
be sure to let them know!

Also if anyone has any questions, feel free to note me or skuffcoyote on FA :)

Thanks guys have a great FC!
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Hey all you DHC suiters!

Further Confusion is coming up this week, who's going? I hope more there are DHC suits attending than last year! :)

Also, is there any plan for a DHC photoshoot or anything like that?

See you all there!
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Something I should have done AGES ago...

Introducing Candy

My first ever fursuit! Her name is Candy Lion. I've had this character for almost 5 years; she was created before I even knew I was a furry! She was created in fursuit form first, as I didn't come up with my jackalope fursona until later.

I'm 17 and live in Washington, Pennsylvania. I hope to go to many furcons in the future, and hang out with all you wonderful peeps. ^^

Candy will be making her debut in Tekkoshocon 09, and after that Anthrocon 09!!
See ya there! <3


I GUESS I'D BETTER POST HERE. i'm forgetful and stuff so yeah.

ANYWAYS hey I'm Shanelle.. but uh call me Shnell, uhhh my fursona's name is Nicole (don't ask), i've had her since I was 10 (I'm 15) aaand finally got her made by my two awesome friends LUCKY AND SKUFF. :) She is one of the newest members of the DHC family and i am super happy with how she came out <3
I LIKE MUSIC AND MOVIES and........... nutella


hi ):

oh! And I'm hoping to debut her at All Fur Fun 09 and HOOOOPEFULLLYYY (keep my fingers crossed ;A;) MFF 09!

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Sup DHC suiters

Hey there, I'm Tah, a fennec fox. My fursuit head was commissioned from DHC, who did a wonderful job!

I am 19 years old, and live in Northern California. FC09 will be the convention debut of my fursuit. FC08 was my first con, and I knew then that I had to get a fursuit. I'm very excited to get to suit at FC this January! Anybody else here going?
I just need to work on my acting/character performing abilities now, lol.

Much <3 for DHC, --Tah
See ya later!
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Heya all! Its Foxglove here!THE Albino Fennec Fox! I had the amazing people at DHC do a makeover on me! They did an amazing job!

I am from Raleigh North Carolina...right in the middle of everything here ^_^

So far the new me has been seen at Oklacon 2008...but thats no where near the end of it! I will be heading out to FWA, AC, MFM, and Oklacon again most likely!
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Happeeeee Yuchi

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Hello! My name is Yuchi! I am the first hyena of the DHC group!

I live in Florida*Tampa*

My beautiful head was debuted at MFM and I had a buncha buncha fun wearing her.
I am planning to get her redone soon but of course by this wonderful studio!

I am a prehistoric hyena by the species name of ictitherium a civet like hyena from the Cenozoic time frame :3

<3 Yuchi has been taken to MFM, Elliots and Laphin Hyena's party :3 and has had many outdoor outings.

Uh Oh

Welp. My turn. <3

Anyways, I'm one of the first original DHC suits, back when our "mother" wasn't quite as good as she is now, hehe, going back in my youtube and all you'll see what I mean. Anyways, its nice to see my family grow as I consider myself the bigger sister I don't care how much older you might be than me! lol
Alright, well, I'm 19, livin' in Georgia presently but hopefully I'll be somewhere else soon.
The cons I've been to are:
FWA 06- 07- 08
RCFM 07, 08
MFM 07, 08
Oklacon 07 <-- this should be my next one.
And yes I stick to the south.
What can I say, I'm a GRITS. <3

Anyways, just saying hello.

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Sitku - Tech Yelling
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I guess I'll start this off.

I'm Tenkri otherwise known as Sitku, I'm a 26yr old guy living in Oregon.
I recently joined the DHC pack, and hope to meet more of our "family" next year when I visit AC.
My main fursona (and also my fursuit character) is Sitku, the arctic fox, with some unique patterns.

(Don't mind the plushie shelf, I'm a bit of an addict lol)